Pregnancy Belly Paint (per hour)                                              $80

Growing Belly Painting (3)                                                       Starting at $60

Growing Belly Paintings  (4)                                                     staring at $50 ​

Belly Painting is the next big thing in Pregnancy 

About Belly Painting 

Pregnant Belly Bump Painting has grown increasingly popular. Not only is it a pampering experience but its a beautiful way to celebrate your pregnancy in a very special way. 

​Belly Painting offers the once in a lifetime opportunity to capture the moment of this precious time by painting the belly with original artwork. 

​The designs can be anything you desire from the theme of the baby's room, to a scene from a favorite childhood book, or even a seasonal design. 

SBC artist can also capture your progressive growing belly by painting a minimum of 3 paintings through out the different stages of pregnancy.

​We recommend to paint your belly between 36-38 weeks just to lower the risks of going into labor or sooner for the progressive belly paintings.

Paint is FDA approved and safe for mothers and babies