​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What are your rates for face painting?

​Please call to inquire 

What are your rates for Princess characters ?

Please call to inquire 

What are the rates for other characters?

Please call to inquire 

What characters do you offer ?

SBC offers limited and original characters  Please refer to the character page for a list of characters

​Can I request a character that is not listed  ? 

Fill out the contact form. If you are interested in a specific character we might be able to customize a costume for your special event

What activities does a character perform at events ? 

All character events are carefully customized. Please fill out the contact information to its entirety and SBC will contact you with suggestions and ideas

How soon should I book ? 

SBC recommends booking as soon you have a date, time, and location settled 

I'm not sure how many hours to book ?

SBC Face Painting artist can usually service 12-15 guests per hour. We can also offer the speed painting option which is suitable for public events

How do I book you ?

Easy, you can either text, email, or call directly to discuss details. SBC will then provide a contract. Once contract is signed and deposit is received you will officially be booked

If your question has not been answered here please feel free to call or send email 

I don't want a character

If you chose to not book a character SBC will attend your event in professional attire

How far do I travel ?

SBC services all of Southern California. all events located outside of OC will be charged a mileage fee which will incur a small travel fee of $1 dollar per mile 

What types of products do you use?

SBC only uses the best quality pro products including FDA compliant and face paints and cosmetic glitter from professional brands. WE DO NOT USE CRAFT PAINTS OR CRAFT GLITTERS  

Do you bring your own setup ? 

We prefer the client to provide a 4ft-6ft rectangular table and 2 folding chairs

​What happens if the weather changes?

Please be mindful of characters and artist and make sure to have a back up plan in case of extreme heat and rain. SBC will NOT paint in rainy, cold , or extreme heat conditions  

How do I pay ?

SBC accepts payment from private parties. A non refundable booking fee is due at the time of the booking